Sharat Purnima On Austin In October 8th 2017

Sharat Purnima On Austin In October 8th 2017
20 Jan 2013 12:00 AM


Organized By : JKP Radha Madhav Dham Venue : 400 Barsana Road, Austin, TX, 78737 Date : October 8th 2017 Phone : 512-288-7180 For More Information and Latest Updates Visit Through The website Sharat Poornima is an auspicious full moon night when maharaas occurred 5,000 years ago. On this night, Radha Krishn revealed maharaas ras on our earth as They performed the maharaas leela. In the maharaas leela uncountable gopis participate and Shree Krishna, multiplying Himself into as many forms as there are gopis, dances with each gopi individually in concentric rings. Radha and Krishn are in the very center and lead the maharaas. Raas is defined as the accumulated sweetness of all the forms of Divine Blissfullness combined into one leela. And maharaas is the ultimate revelation of raas. Its greatness can be guessed by the fact that even God Shiv and Goddess Lakshmi desired to join and experience it.

400 Barsana Road, Austin


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